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Gulfstream Air Force One (C-20C and C-137B)

Gulfstream C-20C The Gulfstream C-20C is like the United States Air ForceC-20B, but with upgraded and “hardened” secure communications, often utilized as backup aircraft accompanying the VC-25A aircraft when it is operating as Air Force One. At times, the C-20C is used as the primary Air Force One. It has a cruise speed of 508 […]

Lockheed S-3B Viking

LOCKHEED S-3B VIKING  The Lockheed S-3B Viking is a twin engine turbofan jet aircraft designed for aircraft carrier use. It was originally designed for anti-submarine warfare, but in the late 1990’s had its mission changed to surface warfare and aerial refueling. The Viking also provided electronic warfare and surface surveillance. On May 1, 2003 President […]

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a large jet powered military transport that was designed by McDonnell Douglas, now a part of Boeing. The C-17 carries forward the name of two previous piston-engined military cargo aircraft, the Douglas C-74 Globemaster and the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II. It came into service in […]

Boeing C-32a “Air Force Two”

Boeing C-32a “Air Force Two” The Boeing C-32a is the military version of the Boeing 757-200 airliner. It usually flies under the call sign “Air Force Two” carrying the Vice President. It also carries the First Lady and the Secretary of State. On some rare occasions, it will fly members of the U.S. Cabinet and […]

SAM 29000 Air Force One

SAM 29000 Air Force One VC-25a is the second of the two prime Air Force One aircraft to transport the President of the United States. These two aircraft were based on the Boeing 747-200B airliners, but highly modified to serve the needs of the President. The main differences between a standard Boeing 747 airliner and […]

Boeing VC-25a Air Force One

Boeing VC-25a Air Force One SAM 28000 Boeing VC-25a Air Force One. The Boeing VC-25a is the military designation of the 747-200Bs. They are highly modified from the original civilian 747-200B airframes. There are two of them – SAM 28000 and SAM 29000. They were introduced into Presidential service on August 23, 1990. Their interiors […]

Douglas VC-9C Air Force One

The Douglas VC-9C was a military version of the DC-9 airliner. In the military executive transport aircraft roll, the Douglas VC-9C Nightingale  were often used to transport Vice Presidents and First Ladies. In this roll, they would fly with the call sign “Air Force Two”. But they also flew the Presidents. Then, of coarse, they […]

United flight 55 “Executive One”

United Airlines DC-10 flight 55 “Executive One” – The most unusual Presidential aircraft! On December 26, 1973, President Richard M. Nixon, Mrs. Nixon, their daughter Tricia and about twenty three White House staff and personnel, boarded United Airlines DC-10 flight 55 to fly from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles International Airport. They were traveling to […]

Convair VC-131H (Air Force One)

The CONVAIR VC-131H (Air Force One), called the Convair 580 in civilian airline use, was a twin engined turboprop airliner. It was very highly thought of by its pilots and crew members. The 89th Military Airlift Wing acquired a few of them to use as an aircraft to haul Washington DC dignitaries around with the […]